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Welcome to Epic Kayaks UK... Innovation, Design and Quality

For over 15 years Epic Kayaks has been at the forefront of innovation in the world of performance Kayaks and Paddles.

The Epic kayaks and paddles are at the cutting edge of design and manufacture and by choosing to buy an Epic product you know you will be getting the best of what is out there.

Whether beginner or expert, and whatever your ambition: Fitness, Touring, Competition or just the fun, there is an Epic product for you.

Our aim is to help you optimise your enjoyment by providing you with the most suitable, practical and comfortable equipment you can find.

We stock the Epic kayaks most on demand, but can access the full Epic range if required.

We hold an extensive demo stock of the most sort after kayaks and paddles to allow you to give the kayaks and paddles a good test, to find what suits you best.

We supply specialist carrying racks ('V' Bars) for transporting the Ski’s and boat stands to ensure the boats are kept safe.

We supply the Lawler kayak training ergos and slider for those wishing to perfect their technique and train off the water.

We are also here to provide support, advice, expertise and performance coaching.

With our partners we have access to some of the leading lights in performance paddling and will endeavor to answer any question you have for us with regards racing, training or catching waves and staying safe on the water.

Enjoy browsing the site and if there is anything you want to know please feel free to contact us.