Epic UK are more than just the boats, paddles and equipment. Good skills and knowledge make sure you stay safe on the water, get the most enjoyment from your paddling and perform at your best.

UK Coaching

In the UK we can offer or arrange customised coaching for 1:2:1 and groups over a number of areas:

  • Efficient forward paddling
  • Open water safety
  • Catching runners and swell
  • Race training for both Marathon and Offshore.

Contact us for further information and costs.

Tarifa – Epic Ski Centre

We highly recommend the Epic Surf Ski Centre in Southern Spain, learning from the best in the warm on a winter break.


Tarifa school trip

Tarifa Surf Ski Training Centre

Training & Lifestyle

Epic - Coaching clips:

Greg Barton & Clint Robinson discuss and illustrate the elements of paddling technique

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Downwind Paddling – Short clips

There is a lot out there, so here are a few clips that give you a tips to get the most out of the sport and a flavour of what it is all about:

Downwind Basics Training clip

Downwind Coaching

Downwind Paddling

Clint Robinson – The Doctor


Safety – On Open water


Some clips to help you stay safe on the water:

Safety – Operating Mobiles in water


Some short clips to assist you with the Boat and kit maintenance:

New rudder lines

Installing the rudder

How to centre the Rudder

Adjusting Paddle lock

Adjusting Foot brace