Entry Level

Epic V8

The Ski that changed the way the sport was viewed from an elite sport to one that could be enjoyed by all.

Still a world leader, giving unrivalled performance with security.

Used by coaches to pass on skills and techniques the V8 is the most popular ski in the UK.


Epic V8pro

The new kid on the block, taking the best behaviors of the V8 and giving it a significant performance boost.

This racing Ski allows you to paddle better for longer when others are flattening out.

Downwind the V8 pro comes into its own, picking up on runners with ease, you can link the waves together giving long continuous surfs.

Since its launch in 2016 it has been an instant success.

Epic V10S

For those who find the V10 just that bit more than they can enjoy when they find themselves flattening out in those confused wave conditions that  we are blessed with in the UK.

This ski is an option to keep the looks and a significant degree of the performance of the V10 without feeling you are on a knife edge when it all goes a bit wrong.

The V10S is a foot shorter and slightly wider so giving the progressive paddler with good skills more control with extra stability, so more forgiving in the bigger conditions.


Epic V10L

The low volume V10, designed for paddlers under 75kgs it is slightly shorter than the V10 giving easier handling and control in waves.
Ideal for youth or lighter paddlers with good technical ability and water skills.

Epic V10

The classic racing ski, does what it was designed to do - perform, in all conditions.

Epic V10 Double

Designed to handle the biggest conditions with a skilled person up front this ski is an addictive ride.

With two experienced paddlers on board it eats up the miles and gives sparkling performance.


Epic V12

Remolded for 2017 to cope with the biggest conditions and largest elite racing paddlers this is the Ski is at the top of the tree.

Epic V14

Since its launch it has been winning races around the world, but you need the skills to be able to get this ski to perform or it will give you a fright.

With less volume than the new V12 the ski suits the lighter elite paddler or flatter conditions.


Surf SkiV6V8V8proV10SV10LV10V10 Double
Length4.90 (16’)5.50m (18’)5.80m (19’)6.10m (20’)6.10m (20’)6.40m (21’)7.60m
Capacity36-152kg36-145kg36-127kg36- 136kg36-75kg36-145kg130-190
Max 240kg

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