The Epic V5 and V7 open up a whole new world of paddling. Equally at home on the sea or the river and lakes, these kayaks give you the freedom and ease to get on the water.

They have been an instant hit since their launch in 2015, used for the full spectrum of paddling from performance training and racing to gentle touring they have been the perfect entry level craft.

Both kayaks come with the full Epic cockpit specification and a robust understern rudder. There is an optional Smart Track (TM) Kick up overstern rudder for allowing access into shallow or rocky areas.

Both Skis are supplied with both the soft and hard hatches to give that added security and robustness.

Epic V5

An excellent ‘get in and go’ ski, offering loads of fun in the waves with good tracking and stability for enjoying the waterways or coastline.

Epic V7

The big brother of the V5, giving a finer entry and more length. Handles well in all conditions, giving good security with some impressive performance in offshore races and Hasler events. Ideal for descent racing and as such is being raced down the Liffey in 2016.


Rear Hatch Capacity46 L42 L